Project Management

Helping people and businesses thrive through project management

I have delivered changes for many teams and organisations. Change is constant, let’s understand it, get the right people in to make the changes and control it with methodology.

Helping your people and business thrive.

Project Management - Tom Hemmings

Passion – Purpose – Progress – Positivity

All change will need the following:

  • A clear scope
  • A team
  • A plan
  • A way to control the delivery
  • A clear communication strategy

I have PMP and Prince 2 delivery experience as well as a wealth of practical IT, Marketing and Operational experience which means I can and will help you deliver.

Since 2007, I have been delivering projects giving me experience of different organisations, teams, approaches.

My desire is to help people and businesses thrive.

Helping people and businesses thrive through behaviour change coaching

In 2015 my biggest financial success was helping a company increase turnover by 20%.  If I define success as helping people thrive my greatest success was helping people achieve what they wanted and in some cases exceed this.  Every day I aim to help someone thrive.

A great business starts with you

Everyone wants to do a good job and feel valued.

Let your business will thrive.