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Okay, I don’t see a Brown bear, that is a well known children’s book and actually in a simple term goes a long way to present exactly this principle. 

Thank you for taking the 2 minutes to see what you see, do and get…

What you see impacts what you do. What you do then impacts the results you get. So, if you see no opportunity in the world, you do things that align to there not being enough opportunity. Guess what, you get the same result, not enough opportunity and your belief is justified.  You all know this though.

So if we can see a positive world of opportunity, fun, prosperity, generosity, trust…

We do have a statistic released in 2010 that only 8% of people are actively engaged in work.  If we know that seeing our work as a place that helps us thrive, that makes lives better by providing products and services we all need and love, then how can we possibly have an active engagement of 8%.

I’ll make some large leaps now…

If active engagement is 8% then my assessment is that as work is a large proportion of life, that peoples active engagement with life or at least the life we could see – One of fun, friendships, kindness, love and abundance is also pretty low.

What do you see?  Well this depends what you look at.  So what do you chose to look at.  Where do you look to see the world you want to see?

Once you have chosen what you are looking at.  What do you do?  Don’t read on for a minute and just answer – What do you chose to see and what do you chose to do?

Now an easier question to answer.  What have you got?

Today I saw my son fighting with his brother. It resulted in me sending him to his room for 5 minutes.  What was the result?  No fight, but also a tarnished view of my sons intentions.

What if my eyes had seen my son trying to resolve a disagreement the best way he could?  Then maybe I’d have asked, is that the best way to solve the disagreement?

The action I take impacts the result I get.

He might decide it’s not the best approach, he might decide it was.  Either way, my view of the situation impacts what I do and ultimately what I get. The result, another persons actions are not my responsibility and I can keep a view not based with assumptions of pain and suffering!

What do you see? What do you do? and what do you get?

If this resonates and you would like more support on behaviour change then please contact me.

Tom Hemmings
Tom Hemmings
I support business leaders to develop employee training and coaching. My work comes from a long history of empowered leadership and a coaching style. My experience through top commercial companies like Capital One and high performing sports sector.
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