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I have just done the washing up after a Sunday meal which my wonderful fiancé Kerry had made through the afternoon. While washing up I noticed the scrubbing brush gadget that we use had been replaced and the sponge attachment fitted incorrectly. I reacted with the most unkind thoughts and under my breath statement “Typical, she can’t even put the sponge on with care, she has to rush to get it on…chunter, chunter, now I can’t take it off to refit it, it’s bloody jammed all because she rushed… chunter” you get the idea!

Kerry called in; “Is everything okay?” “Yes, lovely, I was just chuntering.” Then I checked myself and went through an internal dialogue that I often do now due to my practice with gratitude…

“How lucky I am that I noticed my unkind thoughts and words, how lucky I am to have a sponge fitted incorrectly to feel useful, how lucky I am to be washing up crockery after a wonderful meal that was made for us.”

I decided to apologise to Kerry, while she had not heard the insults and unkind words, I knew I’d thought and said them, so shared my awareness and gratitude thereafter. Kerry laughed and said I sounded mad! More things to be grateful for 🙂

Notice the tough moments today, tomorrow, the day after etc. and be grateful for them. You will be amazed how much more the tough moments offer than those more obvious areas of gratitude (The sun on my face, the sound of wind through the tress etc)

With gratitude,


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