Behavioural Training

Helping people and businesses thrive through behaviour change training

Everyone in your business as well as your customers is an advocate. Are they passionate about the same things you are? Are you passionate about them? How do you invest in their development?

I will help you develop behaviours that will change your business results.

Helping your people and business thrive.

Behavioural Training - Tom Hemmings

Passion – Purpose – Progress – Positivity

  • A clear process that supports development
  • Commitment is key, we develop not because I want you to but because you want to
  • To teach is to learn – The answers reached are yours
  • As a trainer I believe in using experience. The experience we all have
  • I believe in little and often an athlete does not compete after 1 days training.

I have been brilliantly trained by a fantastic employer, I have continued my training and learning through teaching others to learn more. I believe in questions that lead to us all growing.

Helping your people and business thrive.

Flagship Session

Understanding others (Managing challenge, customer service, sales)

When we think about communication skills we think about what we say, how we say it and who we are saying it too.  Guess what, people are more interested in themselves.  Learning how to understand has been a life long mission that I’m still on.

Join me and see how relationships change beyond belief.

Bespoke courses to meet your needs

I have a range of courses available covering:-

  • Self awareness
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication skills (Including assertiveness)
  • Building great habits
  • Facilitation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Management – Time, Change, Project, Process, People
  • Influencing skills
  • Providing and receiving feedback
  • Coaching skills
  • Developing passion and motivation
  • Power of praise
  • Behavioural development
  • Developing personal values

Each course is evaluated as follows:-

  • Step 1 – Understand the scope, the objectives and the challenges
  • Step 2 – Agree the objectives
  • Step 3 – Create the bespoke session
  • Step 4 – Deliver, engage, understand more
  • Step 5 – Evaluate
  • Step 6 – Feedback and develop next steps and action learning

Help me help you thrive.

Helping people and businesses thrive through behaviour change coaching

In 2015 my biggest financial success was helping a company increase turnover by 20%.  If I define success as helping people thrive my greatest success was helping people achieve what they wanted and in some cases exceed this.  Every day I aim to help someone thrive.

A great business starts with you

Everyone wants to do a good job and feel valued.

Let your business will thrive.