Helping people and businesses thrive through behaviour change coaching, training and change leadership

Business Coaching

Helping you thrive through understanding your goals and challenges. You are the master of your destiny, WHY do you do what you do?


What you see impacts what you do, what you do impacts what you get – Let’s help people thrive through training exceptional behaviours.

Project Management

To make the changes you want to make, you need to change what you do. Understanding ‘what’ and setting a plan will help you deliver Quality, On time and to budget.

Culture Change - Tom Hemmings

Passion – Purpose – Progress – Positivity

  • Are you looking for the next level of performance?
  • Are you running an SME and looking for increased productivity and commitment ?
  • Are you looking for behaviour or culture change?
  • Are you part of a business where the product and the customer are number 1?
  • Are you looking to gain more return from the same workforce?

If you can answer yes to any of these then contact me.

I will listen to understand what you see, if I can help I will, If not I will propose alternatives. The worst we can do is make a great connection and grow from that.

Let your business thrive.

Be an employer of choice

Everyone wants to do a good job and feel valued.

With the right coaching, clarity on “what” and structure everyone will do an amazing job, produce great, enjoyable work.  How can we all thrive?

I deliver hidden value in your business through connecting to passions, purpose using positivity and praise.

I’m not different to anyone else, I want to thrive, enjoy all aspects of life and do what I love.  I could love working with you, realising our hidden potentials.

Helping people thrive.

Employer of Choice - Tom Hemmings


Tom connected us together brilliantly and supported us in developing a success criteria which we could use for each deliverable.NHFT
"Tom connected to how we are with each other and we were inspired to become awesome colleagues - Tom challenged us to think differently and to think about others! Excellent, thanks Tom"Lucy - Boccia (Paralympic governing body)
Lucy - Boccia (Paralympic governing body)
"We had a flagship course here at Capital One and Tom was an early advocate and came to us with a proposal to help embed these habits.  With short refresher session for interested parties we had feedback “the 3 hours with Tom connected me more closely to the habits than the 3 day course”  Tom’s advocacy, living of the habits and energy really helped embed good habits across the organisation"Capital One
Capital One
“I would like to thank you for always questioning whether I was receiving enough information from your good self and endeavouring to pass on as much detail as possible. You are caring individual and this is to be admired.”Kim Keane - nPower
Kim Keane - nPower
“The win-win model was perfect. I can see I’m always a win in the consideration column but need to work on my confidence in some situations to keep me out of the passive column and into the assertive one”Helen - Proludic
Helen - Proludic
“Your 'super power' is that you don’t just say 'this is how you should do your job better'……you get people to dig deep and really think about just what their objective is and why, subsequently to set out their own strategies in order to achieve them – and I finished the year having not only met my sales target for the year (£900k) but smashing through the million pound mark and finishing at over £1.1m”Paula - Proludic
Paula - Proludic

My Values

There is a lot said about values in business.

We all have values, when our core values are broken we experience conflict – either internally or externally. This is why values are critical to our success. My values are doing words, this is what I aim to do…

Love – Truth – Understanding

Helping people and business thrive through behaviour change coaching

In 2015 my biggest financial success was helping a company increase turnover by 20%.  If I define success as helping people thrive my greatest success was helping people achieve what they wanted and in some cases exceed this.  Every day I aim to help someone thrive.

A great business starts with you

Everyone wants to do a good job and feel valued.

Let your business will thrive.